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Our Anthologion has been well-received since its release two years ago. Now well into its second printing, we have heard from clergy and laymen around the world about how meaningful it has been for them to be able to participate in the full richness of the prayers of the Church when they are away from church.

With the completion of our four book lectionary series—the Gospel, Apostle, Prophetologion, and Psalter—we have received requests for this content in the same form factor as the Anthologion. The Lectionary Bible will feature the same form factor, with the daily readings conveniently arranged in order, so the Church's Bible readings can easily be read from day to day.

The two books together will feature the full liturgical and scriptural richness of the Orthodox Faith in a way that is easy to use every day of our lives.

How does this compare to our existing titles?

The existing books of the Gospel, Apostle, Prophetologion, and Psalter are designed for personal reading, but also for complete use in a parish setting. They contain all the liturgical information for public worship, some of which is not used in private prayer. The Lectionary Bible will slim down some of that liturgical material to focus squarely on the biblical text, arranged for daily reading.

• The daily readings are given separately in the order they are read, so the user knows exactly what to read and can easily move through the scriptures from day to day.
• Easy to use.
• Focuses particularly on the needs of home worship and personal reading.
• Designed to be a lightweight, functional companion in church worship (though with all the biblical texts in a single volume, it could not properly take the place of a dedicated Gospel, Apostle, Prophetologion, or Psalter in church liturgical settings).
• Suitable for use as a "Pew Bible" in Orthodox parishes that offer these to parishioners!

The Lectionary Bible is not designed to replace the liturgical Gospel Book, Apostle Book, Prophetologion or Psalter Book used in the divine services, as it will not include certain verses, hymns and instructions that are used by the Reader and Choir. Clergy and readers who need these features for offering the divine services should use our hardcover set, as well as those who are interested in the full detail of Orthodox Liturgy.

Planned Features

• Over 1000 pages of scripture readings for use throughout the year, from the Old and New Testaments, including the full Psalter.
• 4.75x7 inches, the size of the Anthologion and standard pocket Bibles.
• Beautifully gilded page edges.
• Two-tone red and black printing.
• 10pt font designed specifically for readability.
• Six ribbon bookmarks.
• Designed for Pan-Orthodox use.
• Designed to be simple to use and enjoyable by all.