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Anthologion and Prophetologion: second printings in stock

March 24, 2021 — The long-awaited second printings of the Anthologion and Prophetologion are now in stock and ready to ship. Both titles include corrections, and the Anthologion features additional bookmark ribbons and new content as well.

We anticipate large numbers of orders, so please allow up to 5 business days to ship.

First Things: Anthologion is "a treasure"

February 21, 2021First Things, an ecumenical Christian journal, has reviewed the Anthologion for their March 2022 issue.

Praising the effort of Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press to "make possible a rich prayer life for Orthodox Christians beyond the Divine Liturgy, an aim all the more urgent as services are suspended or limited by the pandemic," the reviewer concludes "the editors have certainly succeeded, giving English-speaking Orthodox something comparable to the breviary."

In summary, the Anthologion is "a treasure," meriting the attention of Eastern Orthodox Christians, as well as Western Christians who are interested in Eastern spirituality.

The Anthologion is available and is shipping now.

Anthologion now shipping

November 11, 2021 — The Anthologion books have arrived, at last! We will be working to ship out pre-orders as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience! This precious book will have been be worth the wait.

We are shipping pre-orders in the order in which they were received. Orders placed from November 11 onward will ship in about 5-7 days, and in 1-3 days when we are caught up.

Anthologion shipping update #6

November 4, 2021 — The Anthologion books have cleared Customs and are moving towards delivery. We now expect to receive the books approximately November 10. God willing, we hope to begin shipping orders mid to late next week.

Anthologion shipping update #5

October 25, 2021 — We learned this morning that US Customs & Border Protection has selected the shipping container holding our Anthologion books for a Customs Exam. We are working with our carrier to get more information about the impacts of this situation, but it will cause a further delay in the delivery time.

This is a frustrating situation, but it is entirely beyond our control. We ask for your continued patience. Rest assured, we will ship pre-orders as soon as we possibly can.

Anthologion shipping update #4

October 13, 2021 — We have received an update from our shipping carrier. The situation remains uncertain, but our logistics manager estimates the Anthologion books will arrive in Chicago around the end of next week (October 22), and then we would hope to receive them at our office the following week and begin shipping your valued pre-orders by the end of October as estimated.

While this is good news, the situation at all levels of the shipping industry remains volatile, and we appreciate your continued patience as we wait. We are eager to ship your orders as soon as possible.

Anthologion shipping update #3

October 11, 2021 — We have been in contact with our shipping carrier, and while the ship has been in New York for about two weeks, our shipment of books has not yet been unloaded. There is an unprecedented backlog of ships in New York harbor (, which is causing nationwide shortages of consumer products of every kind. We are also being impacted by this.

Please continue to be patient as we post updates. We are eager to ship your pre-orders as soon as possible.

Anthologion shipping update #2

September 30, 2021 — The ship bearing the first printing of the Anthologion Prayer Book arrived in New York today. (It was three days late due to traffic and weather on the Atlantic.) Now it is a matter of being unloaded and shipped to our offices. Then we will immediately begin filling your valued pre-orders in the order they were received.

We believe the "mid-late October" shipping date will hold true at this time, but closer to "mid-October" than "late". Shipping logistics is complicated, especially these days, so we are striving to be totally transparent when any issues arise. As always, thank you for your patience.

Anthologion shipping update

September 16, 2021 — The ship bearing the first printing of the Anthologion Prayer Book is presently passing Crete and the south of Greece. It is scheduled to arrive in New York on September 27. After this, we have learned, the shipping container will be taken to Chicago, and finally delivered to our office. We expect to have the books in-hand in mid-October.

This was a little longer than we were initially quoted, so we have changed the expected ship date on the website to "mid-late October." Shipping logistics is complicated, especially these days, so we are striving to be totally transparent when any issues arise. As always, thank you for your patience.

Positive response to the Anthologion

September 1, 2021 — You may have seen reviews online by IndieGoGo backers who have already received their exclusive copies of the Anthologion Prayer Book. We are pleased and humbled by the overwhelming positive response—glory to God for all things. We pray this book will be a blessing to all who use it, especially in our troubled times.

The general release Anthologion is expected to begin shipping around the end of September, pending the current shipping schedule. We are constantly monitoring the progress of the delivery and we will begin shipping the books immediately when they get into our hands.

Anthologion available for pre-order

August 11, 2021 — The highly anticipated Anthologion Prayer Book is now available for pre-order! Shipments are expected to begin in mid-to-late September.

The Royal Hours of Pentecost available for pre-order

June 9, 2021 — For the first time in English, this 16th-century Byzantine curiosity is now shipping. Discover a lost liturgical gem composed in a dark chapter of the Church's history, about a century after the fall of Constantinople. Click here to learn more.

Anthologion campaign goes live

November 18, 2020 — Crowdfunding has begun for Anthology of Prayer (Anthologion), featuring a vast variety of prayer resources enabling the ordinary Christian to carry out the Church's life of prayer at home or anywhere.

Check it all out and lend your support at the IndieGoGo campaign page.

Prophetologion shipping soon

November 13, 2020 — We expect to begin shipping pre-ordered copies of the Prophetologion by the end of November. You will be notified by email when your order ships! Thank you for your patience.

Prophetologion campaign goes live

June 19, 2020 — Crowdfunding has begun for the Old Testament Lectionary, the companion to our Gospel and Epistle books.

Check it all out and lend your support at the IndieGoGo campaign page.

Coronavirus information

June 8, 2020 — We have faced some challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which may have delayed shipments of orders and other correspondence. Please be patient as we work to return to our normal process over the coming weeks. Thank you!

Epistle Book available for pre-order

December 26, 2019 — The Holy Apostle is now being printed and will soon be available! Place your orders today.

New checkout system for Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press

December 23, 2019 — Ahead of the release of The Holy Apostle, we have switched our store over to Shopify. This will streamline the customer experience and make order fulfillment quick and easy.

Epistle Book campaign goes live

February 7, 2019 — Crowdfunding has begun for the book of Epistles, the companion to our Gospel book. We have an option for early pre-order, as well as seven reward levels with incredible perks.

Check it all out and lend your support at the IndieGoGo campaign page.

The Holy Gospel released

October 23, 2018 — After an unforeseen technical delay, The Holy Gospel is now shipping! We are grateful to all those who pre-ordered and stuck with us through the delays, as we think the gorgeous book was worth the wait.

Order your copy from Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press today!