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New Edition! Anthologion Prayer Book (Anthology of Prayer)
  • Anthologion Prayer Book
  • A prayer book unlike any other, enabling you to bring the full richness of the Church's life of prayer and worship into your home.
  • $49.95
New! Pocket Prayer Book
Prayers of the Desert
The Lamentations of the Dormition at the Tomb of the Theotokos
The Royal Hours of Pentecost


The Holy Gospel
  • The Holy Gospel
  • A small-format book of the four Gospels, designed for both liturgical use and personal reading. Features the EOB translation, which is based on the official Patriarchal Text of the Orthodox Church.
  • $24.95
The Holy Apostle
  • The Holy Apostle
  • A companion book to the Holy Gospel, containing Acts and the Epistles. Like the Gospel, it is designed for both liturgical and personal use, and with the same quality and styling as the Gospel.
  • $34.95
The Prophetologion
  • The Prophetologion
  • A companion book to our Gospel and Apostle volumes, containing the Old Testament passages read liturgically. Uses the Septuagint, the Old Testament of the Orthodox Church.
  • $24.95
Autumn 2022 Mount Athos Psalter


Didache: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles
The Letters of Saint Ignatius the God-Bearer, Bishop of Antioch

Audio Books

The Service of the Twelve Psalms