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The Holy Psalter

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The Holy Psalter contains the Psalms and other scriptural Odes that are used throughout the Orthodox Church's liturgical life. It uses the Greek Septuagint ("LXX") Old Testament, the scripture used by the Apostles and the early Christians, and by the Orthodox Church today.

Designed for both private reading and liturgical use, The Holy Psalter is divided into the twenty traditional Kathisma divisions, which arrange the weekly readings of the Psalms. It also includes the nine Biblical Odes which are traditionally sung at Matins each morning; together with the Eclogarion, selected Psalm verses that are sung on feast days throughout the year.

What makes the Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press Holy Psalter truly unique is the inclusion of the hymns and prayers of the "Cell Prayer Rule" after each Kathisma division. Translated into English for the first time, this material from the historic manuscripts of Pantokratoros Monastery on Mount Athos transforms the Book of Psalms into a true prayer book, as it is used especially in small monasteries (sketes) in the Athonite tradition.

Readers of our other titles will appreciate the similar translation style, completing the cohesive, prayerful feel of the entire Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press scriptural collection. The text has been rendered in a formal and dignified style of Modern English, in line with our other titles and thoroughly reviewed by our team of translators and editors. We have employed the same high quality design and printing standards to create a beautiful compliment to our other books. The rich blue foil-stamped cloth-bound hardcover features David the Prophet and King, the chief author of the Psalms.