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Mount Athos Psalter

Mount Athos Psalter


After receiving requests from many customers and friends, we are going to complete our collection of beautiful Orthodox liturgical scripture books with the Mount Athos Psalter. This book will join our popular Holy Gospel, Holy Apostle, and Prophetologion as the fourth volume in the set.

There are many Orthodox Psalters out there, so we hesitated to publish our own. But we decided to go forward after publishing the Anthologion and our readers requested a Psalter that used the same translations as the Psalms printed therein. But we wanted to make it more special than that.

In addition to the Psalms, our Mount Athos Psalter will include hymns and prayers after each of the 20 liturgical divisions of the Psalms (Kathismata), which is known as "The Cell Prayer Rule." That means the Mount Athos Psalter can be used as a prayer book by itself. While a few other Psalters have been published with hymns and prayers, ours follows the unique liturgical tradition (Typikon) of the Holy Pantokatoros Monastery on Mount Athos. This Athonite Psalter has never before, to our knowledge, been published in English. Working with professional translators, we are proud to be offering this unique text for your edification.

The Mount Athos Psalter will also include the nine Biblical Odes read at Matins, as well as other "Psalter-adjacent" hymns and prayers.

Readers of our other titles will appreciate the similar translation style, which we hope will complete the cohesive, prayerful feel of the entire collection. We will employ the same high quality design and printing standards to create a beautiful compliment to our other books.

Planned Features

• Same high-quality look and feel as our other titles
• 5 x 7.5 inch cloth-bound hardcover with foil stamp design featuring David the Prophet and King, the chief author of the Psalms
• Approximately 300 pages
• High quality paper with 2-color printing
• Ribbon bookmarks
• English translation of the Septuagint Psalter (based on the Brenton Septuagint), in a formal and dignified style of Modern English
• Psalms divided into the 20 Kathisma sections
• Athonite hymnody and prayers of "The Cell Prayer Rule" after each Kathisma
• Also includes the Nine Biblical Odes of Matins, the Eclogaria (selected Psalm verses for feast days), and a bonus section with Psalm 151 and additional Biblical Odes