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The Prophetologion

The Prophetologion

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The Prophetologion ("Book of the Prophets") contains the full collection of Old Testament books and readings as read liturgically in the Orthodox Church, an excellent companion to our Holy Gospel and Holy Apostle. It uses the Greek Septuagint ("LXX") Old Testament, the scripture used by the Apostles and the early Christians, and by the Orthodox Church today.

Designed for both private reading and liturgical use, The Prophetologion contains an extensive, Pan-Orthodox calendar of liturgical readings; the complete complement of Prokeimenon verses; detailed instructions for use; a complete table of moveable dates through the year 2100; translation notes and footnotes; and more. Four ribbon bookmarks make use easy.

As with our other books, attention to design is outstanding. The Prophetologion features beautiful black-and-red printing and gorgeous full-page iconography and ornamentation. Complete with a handsome foil-stamped, cloth-bound hardcover, it is a dignified and holy book worthy of the sacred history and writings of our Faith contained within.


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