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Pocket Prayer Book

Pocket Prayer Book

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In our busy lives, many faithful Christians like to carry a prayer book with them wherever they go. Sometimes the full extent of the Church's riches are what we need, but at other times and seasons of life, we need just the basics. Our Pocket Prayer Book for Orthodox Christians is an ideal option for your consideration.

With a similar form factor to other popular prayer books, our Pocket Prayer Book features compact dimensions, around the size of a pack of index cards. With a sturdy hardcover and sewn binding, the book is sure to withstand years of loving use, beyond that of a saddle-stitch (stapled) binding.

The book includes all the essentials:

• The traditional Morning and Evening Prayers
• Prayers for throughout the day
• Prayers at the table
• Prayers for various needs
• The Rule of Saint Pachomius, for saying the Jesus Prayer
• The Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos
• The Office of Typica, for home prayer when it is not possible to attend church
• The Paschal Office, for Bright Week
• Examination of Conscience and prayers for Confession
• The Prayers of Preparation and Thanksgiving for Communion
• The Orthodox Church's rules and guidlines for fasting
• Space for writing lists of names, notes, and personal prayers

If you are seeking a small, simple prayer book that has all the essentials, whether for travel or to carry with you throughout the day, or for those who are beginners in the spiritual life of prayer, our Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press Pocket Prayer Book is a wonderful and affordable choice.


• Style and form factor similar to other popular pocket-size prayer books
• High quality cloth-bound cover with sewn binding
• Archival paper: the same as our Holy Gospel and other hardcover titles
• Easy to use and navigate
• Available in your choice of Modern English or Traditional ("KJV" or "Elizabethan") English