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Prayers of the Desert

Prayers of the Desert


The original monks of the Egyptian desert have left us tremendous treasures that speak to us across the centuries. Their survival is a testament to the Spirit of God which inspired them, and their words have much to offer us today.

In today’s world, we see how easily our access to the Church’s divine services can be cut off, whether due to pandemic, civil unrest, or violence. God forbid, but we cannot take for granted that we will always be able to attend Church when we desire it. To remain in the life of the Church, we may be required to take on the responsibility of prayer ourselves. In this, we can look to our spiritual ancestors of the desert, who became like angels in their simple lives of constant prayer.

Whether prevented from attending Church due to illness, travel, or other circumstances, or if one simply desires to observe the Church’s cycle of prayer in an uncomplicated way, these time-tested prayers have led countless souls on the road to salvation.