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Anthologion Prayer Book

Anthologion Prayer Book

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"A treasure"
First Things

There are many prayer books, but those wanting an authentic and accessible expression of the Church's ancient cycles of liturgical worship, in its rich variety, can look to the Anthologion and its riches, composed by Saint John of Damascus and others.

From the very beginning, Christians gathered for prayer at fixed hours to pray. These prayers centered on the Psalms, and in the desert monasteries they developed into the daily prayers of the Church that we still use today.

The Anthology of Prayer or Anthologion is an Eastern Orthodox prayer book that uniquely includes a treasury of selections from the riches of Orthodox prayer and worship, including:

• The Book of Hours (Horologion) with Lenten and Paschal variations
• The Book of Eight Tones (Octoechos)
• The common services of Saints (General Menaion)
• Selections from Great Lent and the Paschal season (Triodion and Pentecostarion)
• Traditional morning and evening prayers
• Topical prayers for different occasions
• And much more

Suitable for use individually or with a group, this monumental book aims to fill the place that the Breviary or Liturgy of the Hours fills for Western Christians: offering the full daily office of prayer in a slightly simplified form, with texts for special feast days and seasons. It is a prayer library in a single book.


• Over 1000 pages of sacred prayers, scriptures, and hymns, forming the foundation of Orthodox prayer and worship
• High quality leather-bound softcover with sewn binding
• Two-tone red and black printing
• 10pt font designed specifically for readability
• Six ribbon bookmarks
• Designed for Pan-Orthodox use
• Abundant supporting material and clear instructions — with a little initiative and study, anyone can carry on the prayers of the Church in any circumstances with just a single book

New in the Second Printing

• Incorporation of errata and corrections from the first printing
• Two additional ribbon bookmarks (six total)
• Additions to the Common Hymns section
• Additional instructional material