Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press

Praise for the Anthologion

"[Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press has] succeeded [in] giving English-speaking Orthodox something comparable to the breviary. [I] found that [my] own life was deeply enriched by the direct, simple language of these prayers... A treasure". — First Things

"At last: a book I have yearned for over some thirty years!" — Protodeacon W. B.

"A fine publication and a job well-done... I have recommended [the Anthologion] to a number of my colleagues and students." — Dr. H. R., Professor of Liturgical Music

"I am used to offering the daily services in church, but the Anthologion enabled me to easily pray the hours while on deployment." — Priest A. H., Navy Chaplain

"The [Anthologion] is a very nice book, a perfect weight in the hands and really high-quality." — Priest N. U.

"The Anthologion's liturgical instructions are top-notch. I wish I'd had this when I was in the Saint Stephen's Program." — Deacon A. B.